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Made to Order Rotational Molding Manufacturing

Rotomolding is a great way to create low run large plastic items. Rotomolding creates hollow parts with no joints or weld lines. Ideal projects include tanks, car parts, drums, barrels, trash cans, pallets, dock floats, kayaks, garden equipment, tool boxes and garden equipment.

With rotomomolding you get:

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Low run production
  • Lower tooling costs


Ideal items for Rotational Molding:

  • Tanks of various kinds: septic, water, fuel, oil and chemical.
  • Car parts: arm rests, instrument panels, ducting, wheel arches and traffic
  • Containers: IBC totes, drums and barrels, reuseable shipping containers, planters and refrigerated boxes.
  • Toys: balls, hobby horses, doll parts and play houses.
  • Material handling: trash cans, pallets, packaging, carrying cases.
  • Marine: dock floats, pool liners, kayaks and life belts.
  • Other: Point of sale displays, housings, garden equipment and tool boxes.
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Custom Rotational Molding Allows for Less expensive molds

This process is a great choice when making fewer pieces

You don’t need to buy in traditional ‘bulk’ quantities. Fewer pieces becomes more economical for you.

There are many upsides

  • Hollow parts with no weld lines or joints.
  • The end product is stress free.
  • Short lead times.
  • No material waste.
  • Multiple molds can be used on the same machine.
  • Inserts and high quality graphics can be molded in.

Rotational Molding is Widely used in North America

  • Toys: 40%
  • Tanks: 18%
  • Industrial: 16%
  • Other: 10%
  • Containers: 9%
  • Materials Handling: 3%
  • Playground: 2%
  • Household: 2%
custom rotational molding rotomolding utilizes lower cost molds has fewer minimums and creates zero waste

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