Sporting Goods, Weapons & Archery Bags and Cases

Custom OEM Manufacturing

Whether you’re a retailer seeking to establish your own brand, or a long time established provider of sporting goods, Royal Case has the expertise to finely craft your next great idea into a winner. Royal Case Company is the current provider of OEM manufacturing services to many of the brand names you find on retail shelves across America, including our own Condition 1 branded waterproof cases. Select from a growing line of rifle and shotgun cases and handgun sized cases to meet your needs.

While it’s true that we do manufacture a lot of custom hard cases, our soft sewn division also creates duffel bags, backpacks, holsters, dry bags, totes, covers and more. We also make leather tool belts.

Our reputation for quality and our custom designed equipment cases have helped make Royal Case a trusted source of custom cases for over 35 years. We are a one-stop shop for all your bag and case needs.

custom long cases

Custom Hard Cases

Waterproof cases offer the kind of dust and water protection your items need to remain in working order longer. Our standard economy cases offer a lighter weight while providing protection from the elements. With a growing line of hard cases of over 100 different sizes, Royal Case has the size you’re looking for with features you’ll appreciate such as IP67 dust and waterproofing, unique off-road style wheels, automatic air pressure valves, collapsible handles, lifetime warranties and more.

EVA cases

EVA Cases

EVA cases are a nice compromise between a soft sided case and a hard plastic case. They’re lightweight and molded around your objects for a perfect fit every time.

Custom Rotomolding


From kayaks, to trash cans, to plastic parts of all kinds, rotomolding is a great way to produce low run specialty items.

OEM Retail Products

retail products manufacturing

Soft Sewn Bags, Totes, Holsters, Backpacks and more

If it can be sewn, you’ve found the right vendor. Royal Case offers custom sewing in North Texas and can also create your custom products overseas. Our sporting goods customers appreciate features such as light weight and collapsible, camo patterns and easy storage. Our experience making these products over the years allows gives us the ability to suggest various fabrics and finishes if needed, based on the environment and intended use.

Custom ATA Cases

ATA Cases

Specialized non-standard equipment needs its own case. That’s why we offer custom ATA road cases designed with your items in mind, down to the last detail. Because these cases are hand crafted from wood, they can be customized with a variety of features that make it truly unique. We regularly utilize foam interiors to cushion your item, steel corners, latches and hinges too for added strength. Each case can be designed and built to any standard including ATA 300 Compliance.

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Design & Engineering

A quality product begins with quality design. Our designers will work with your drawings to ensure a custom fit every time using professional tools.

Finishing Touches

Our finishing options ensure that your product is uniquely yours. There are many options to choose from and Royal Case will help you choose the best ones to set your product apart from your competition.


Warehouse with us and save on future tariffs! We have over 25 years of experience in warehousing, logistics and inventory management. Our just in time ability gives you a competitive advantage.