Soft and Hard Custom Carrying Cases for Instruments, Travel, Storage, OEM

Laboratory Testing, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Expensive medical and delicate scientific devices need the protection that will allow them a longer lifespan. When you partner with Royal Case, you get the benefit of our 35+ years of expertise in the process.


With superior custom protection, Royal Case manufactures custom products made from a variety of materials which can withstand the harshest elements. Royal Case is so diverse in product and services options, we feel confident we can become your one stop shop for all you custom bag and case needs.

Construction and Tooling

From tool bags, pouches and belts to custom hard cases, Royal Case can help.

Outdoor Recreation

Whether you’re a retailer seeking to establish your own brand, or a long time established provider of sporting goods, we have a lot of options for you.

Photography / Audio / Video

Sensitive electronics need a safe way to travel. Thankfully there are tons of options including waterproof hard cases with foam to cushion your items, or panel mounts that allow your case to essentially become the product.

First Responders

Your equipment must function as intended every time it’s needed, without fail. Protecting this life saving equipment is of highest importance.

Design & Engineering

A quality product begins with quality design. Our designers will work with your drawings to ensure a custom fit every time using professional tools.

Finishing Touches

Our finishing options ensure that your product is uniquely yours. There are many options to choose from and Royal Case will help you choose the best ones to set your product apart from your competition.


Warehouse with us and save on future tariffs! We have over 25 years of experience in warehousing, logistics and inventory management. Our just in time ability gives you a competitive advantage.