Custom Backpacks, Totes, & Bags Manufacturer - Made in USA or Overseas.

From backpacks, cosmetic bags, totes, duffel and messenger bags to briefcases, pouches and kits, Royal Case is a manufacturer of custom soft cases for just about any purpose imaginable. We design portability around products like yours every day.

Consumer Products.

You’ll have the best choices in materials, colors, and accessories, to make your case attractive and appealing to your markets. You can apply your name or logo any way you want to create the custom bag or case that's just right for you.

Computer Equipment.

It does not matter if it is for your laptop, CD/DVD player, PDA, digital camera, or some other other computer equipment, Royal Case can custom design your bag or case. In today’s world, we know that you have a lot to haul around, so let us help you protect, organize and compact your equipment with zipper pockets, pouches, and dividers.

Electronics Bags & Cases.

For all the various electronic equipment we have in our world, there is a bag or case to help protect it.. Whatever the environment, Royal will customize your case to last and perform as you desire. We’ll give you the protection and durability you need and features that will make your case functional. You will not only get a durable case, but easy access to your equipment and even customizable options such as having your logo on the case.

EMS, Fire, First Responders.

Royal Case understands that firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics and other first responders rely on portability. By designing lightweight, yet tough bags and cases, we’ve helped thousands of EMT’s take equipment where it’s needed most.

Our products are high quality, which means you can expect them to hold up to the toughest daily use. Our reputation for quality and our custom designed equipment cases have helped to make Royal Case a trusted source of custom cases for over 35 years.

Other industries include:

  • Music
  • Military
  • Sporting Goods
  • Government
  • Universities
  • Professional Sports


You've found the right source for:

  • Military Sewing Contractors
  • Industrial Sewing Contractors
  • Leather Sewing Contractors
  • Cut and Sew Manufacturer
  • Custom Backpacks Manufacturer

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Give Your Products the Royal Soft Sew Treatment.

Our soft sew bags and cases differentiate you and help extend the life of your products.


Soft Sew Division

Create your product with us:

  • Unlimited Materials, Colors, & Styles.
  • Virtually Unlimited Production Capability.
  • Dedicated Project Managers.

Full Product Lifecycle

  • CAD Design.
  • Endless Material Choices.
  • Custom Finishing Options.
  • Warehousing.
  • Flexible Credit Terms.

Quality & Volume

  • 100k Units Manufactured Daily.
  • 5 New Products Brought to Market Daily.
  • Less than 1% Rejection Rate.
  • Berry & DFARS compliant, ITAR registered.

Why Royal Case?

  • Made in USA or Overseas.
  • Centrally Located in Texas.
  • We Specialize in Quality & Volume.
  • 35 years of Experience.

Quality Soft Sew Products For Over 35 years!

Full Service Manufacturing Gets the Job Done Right.

From design to delivery, Royal Case Company manages the entire lifecycle of product development.

CAD Design

A quality product begins with quality design. Our CAD designers will work with your drawings to ensure a custom fit every time using professional tools like AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

Finishing Touches

Our finishing options ensure that your product is uniquely yours. There are many options to choose from and Royal Case will help you choose the best ones to set your product apart from your competition.


We have over 25 years of experience in warehousing, logistics and inventory management with warehouses in the USA, China, Thailand, & the UK. Our just in time ability gives you a competitive advantage.


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