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Mexico and Overseas Manufacturing in China, Thailand, Myanmar and India in an age of tariffs.


Make your products in Thailand, India, Myanmar, & Mexico with Royal Case Company.

Don’t absorb China tariffs if you don’t have to. Most companies just can’t take on the kinds of increases we’re seeing. If this describes your situation, we can offer some assistance that varies from product to product. We can move production of your items to another country to avoid tariffs. We can also help you get ahead of the next round of tariffs by warehousing for you now. There are many options depending on your items. Call us to discuss your options. It’s a free phone call and you’ll have a better understanding of the process when you’re done. Call us at the number above today.

Moving your production away from China can now save you thousands. Not only that, but if you’re not considering it yet, your competition might be. This is the new advantage you need to stay competitive.

Our experience over the last 20+ years in overseas manufacturing makes us a great option for your company. We already understand language barriers, world wide shipping logistics, material availability and many other complicated processes that get products produced. If you’re considering moving your production out of China, give us a call for a quote today.

Manufacturing overseas in China.

Making items in China still makes sense for many companies. You can experience the best of both worlds by working with Royal Case to manufacture goods in our Chinese factories. We offer a no-hassle alternative to traditional off-shore production. You’ll enjoy the cost savings and superior service that comes from a domestic manufacturer and customer service team. Communication problems and cultural boundaries simply aren’t a problem with Royal Case’s Asian manufacturing facilities, so there are no misunderstandings with your expectations. When you work with Royal Case, it’s like having a translation team and on-location manufacturer’s representative on your side with each project, from start to finish. That’s why we’re able to guarantee fast turn-around and great service, whether your product comes from a domestic or Asian-based facility. Enjoy faster, easier and more streamlined production with Royal Case as your partner.

Why other companies don’t manufacture products in Asia.

Although cross-border trading is the lifeblood of tens of thousands of Asian companies, manufacturing in China comes with numerous cultural and technological difficulties. Those new to product development and off-shore contract manufacturing quickly learn that projects can be delayed due to language barriers, differing expectations of quality, prototype changes and shipping delays. In competitive markets where time is money, great marketing opportunities may be lost by companies who do not enjoy the luxury of accurate translation, or tight quality control systems in place to ensure Asian-manufactured products meet U.S. consumers’ expectations. While many Asian manufacturers employ representatives who are bi-lingual, it’s not uncommon to find that the cultural differences between U.S. buyers and Chinese factory reps become more evident as the project progresses. Additionally, many companies have been surprised after hiring Asian speaking translators to find out they can’t speak the same dialect or language as the manufacturers needed for the project. That’s because China, as a land rich in ancient history, has over 50 recognized minorities – most with their own language.

How we make it work.

After successfully bridging U.S. and Chinese operations for over 10 years, Royal Case Asia has overcome the communication, production and quality control challenges which often beset those new to Asian production. Our CEO, formerly of Sherman, Texas, became a legal resident of China in 1996. With Royal Case, you work with North American representatives who clearly communicate all specifications to our Asian facilities. No hassles. No surprises. Just high quality goods delivered to you on time. With over 2,000 employees and over 500,000 square feet of factory and warehouse space, Royal Case offers improved communication, tighter quality control, more efficient production, on-time delivery and better pricing. Royal Case production models are consistent worldwide. So whether your project is from concept to completion, or just adding a logo to existing bags, we can help you get your items on-time, with quality and service that exceed your expectations.

Call us and let us recommend the right solution for your products.