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Kydex® Holsters, Clips and Sheaths
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Kydex® Holster

The injection molded Kydex® holster is adjustable in a semi-rigid Kydex® design. It will not move around or pull out with the handgun when a draw is made. Adjustment allows for butt forward, vertical and muzzle forward carry. Our holsters can be worn "Behind-the-Hip", "In-Front-of-the-Hip" or even "Crossdraw" if the situation requires. An excellent choice for both men and women.

Kydex® Magazine Case

Give your magazines the same protection as your firearm. Our Internal tensioning device is molded into the case to secure you clips. Your product can be designed to fits belt loops up to 1 3/4" or it can be designed to be clipped over a waistband. It’s Individual compartments are molded for fit with tension screws to permit overall adjustment. Your magazine cases can be made with belt loops or paddle style.

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